3 Sales 1 Week DewSoft Branded T Shirt or
Shoulder Bag worth Rs.499/-
9 Sales 15 Days Exclusive Executive Pen Set and  Shoulder Bag or DewSoft Branded T-Shirt, or
Executive Shoulder Bag Worth Rs.1990/- or
Passes for the Invitation to the Company Annual Award and Recognition Function in Delhi, worth Rs.1990/-
50 Sales 1 Month Highest Winner of the Month.
4 Stroke Engine Bike worth Rs.50000/-
500 Sales 6 Months Highest Winner of the Half Year
Maruti Alto Car
Please Note:
  1. All Sales Registered after 1st December 2018 are eligible for this promotion.
  2. The Highest Winner of the Month must earn Combined Incentive of Rs.15000 every month for the next 03 Months in order to achieve the Bike
  3. The Highest Winner of the Half Year Promotion combined Incentive of Rs.30000 per month for the next 03 months in order to achieve the Car.
  4. One ID will only be offered One Promotional Award, the highest it has achieved. If you have achieved 3 sales in 7 days, and 9 in 15 days, you will be eligible to collect only 9 sales Award.
  5. All Items to be collected from Delhi Office, or Annual Party in 29-31st March 2019 in Delhi.
  6. For Bike and Car 2 Incentives Per Month is mandatory.
Validity of the Promotion:
  1. The Offer is valid for all Sales registered after the 1st December 2018.
  2. The Offer relating to 3 Sales and 9 Sales are valid for sales till closing of 8th March 2019
  3. The Eligibility for offer for Highest Winner of the Month closes on 8th March 2019, and is valid for 1 months thereafter, that is 8th April 2019.
  4. The Eligibility for offer for Highest Winner of the Half Year closes on 16th March 2019, and is valid for 6 months thereafter, that is 16th September 2019.
Mandatory from Availing Promotion

Each ID must do

1. An Online Course On
  1. Government Guidelines on Direct Selling
  2. Direct Selling
  3. Company and the Environment
  4. Product and Its Usefulness
  5. 4 Basics
2. Appear and Pass the Tests on above
3. Provide Essential Documents
  1. Updated Aadhaar Card
  2. PAN Number

These Courses are available in your Dashboard after login.

The Promotional Awards shall only be given once you have completed the mandatory requirements.
We look forward to Educated and Aware INDIA. Let DewSoftians lead by Example.
Wishing you a Very Happy New Year in advance.
May we all achieve higher than our goals in coming year 2019
DewSoft Management
Indian Operations
Redefining Education and Promoting Entrepreneurship